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Unwanted body hair can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to deal with. For many women and men, it is a constant struggle to keep up with hair removal. This is where our body waxing services comes in. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with unwanted body hair, so we provide full body waxing services to address any and all of the issues you are experiencing with surplus body hair.

What Areas Can Be Treated From Waxing?

We currently offer waxing services for arms, bikini area, legs, underarms, face, eyebrows, chest and back. Call us today to schedule an appointment and to inquire about our current specials.

How Long Do Waxing Results Last?

Hair growth varies for each individual. After your first waxing, the results can last anywhere from two to six weeks. Weather may also come into play with hair re-growth. In warmer climates, your hair will grow faster, whereas in colder climates, your hair will take longer to grow. By having regular waxing treatments, you will eventually increase the amount of time needed between waxings, regardless of your individual genetics or what climate you’re in. With continual waxing, hair re-growth will be finer and less noticeable.

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