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Hair Treatments

We firmly believe that hair, just like skin, needs customized care to help it keep healthy, radiant and supple. Just ask one of our Salon Experts to recommend the perfect treatment specific to your hair type for healthy, glossy hair.

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The environment, lifestyle and styling habits affect the health of the scalp over time and hair causing stress and damage. Our anti-aging treatment will replenish the hair from within, while externally smoothing and revitalizing from root to tip. This prevents premature aging and leaves your hair supple and manageable.


Sun exposure and pollution strips your hair of essential natural oils, leaving hair brittle and dehydrated. Hair will be immediately revitalized with our intensive moisturizing treatment, providing exceptional conditioning and restoring hair to its natural brilliant shine.


With the use of styling appliances, over processing can result in damaged hair. Our repair treatment fortifies the hair fiber, with significant improvement in strength and resilience from roots to ends, protecting it from future damage.

Sensitive Scalp

If your scalp is prone to sensitivity, dryness or flakiness, our treatment provides immediate relief while actively cooling and soothing the scalp. This will provide long-lasting moisture to regenerate even the most acutely itchy and tense scalp.

Textured Hair

With the right care and attention, curls can be renewed with our personalized treatment, boosting elasticity while giving hair suppleness and bounce.

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