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Dysport® Fort LauderdaleDysport Fort Lauderdale

Dysport® is for individuals who want to naturally treat stubborn frown lines in between the eye brow area. We promise that Dysport® will never may you look ‘frozen’ or expressionless, rather smooth your deep wrinkles without changing your look. Because Dysport® is able to give our patients that natural look, almost all of our patients say that they would use it again.* We are thrilled to offer Dysport® treatments at our location in the lovely Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

How does Dysport® Work?

Dysport® works to temporarily prohibit muscle contractions and movements that encourage frown lines to appear. We use the five-point method when administering Dysport®, to prevent muscle contractions that allows frown lines to show, while still allowing your whole face to move naturally. We pride ourselves in providing a completely natural look for our patients and believe Dysport® is a great option for those wanting subtle, but noticeable treatment for frown lines.

Dysport Fort Lauderdale

Individual results may vary.

What to expect during treatment?

After you have met with our specialist for your free consultation, you can be treated with Dysport® that same day if it seems that it is the right option for you. Generally, discomfort during treatment is slight and brief. Our specialist may provide you with a cold pack or numbing solution if you find yourself sensitive to the treatment. Many of our patients describe their Dysport® treatment as receiving a slight pinch.

Dysport Fort Lauderdale

Individual results may vary.

How Long does Dysport® Last?

While Dysport® treatments only take ten to twenty minutes, results can last for up to four months! You should see a noticeable difference in wrinkles a few days after your treatment and there is little to no downtime when treated with Dysport®.

Are there side effects to Dysport®?

Common and temporary side effects include headaches, pain, redness at treatment site, eyelid swelling/drooping, and more. Serious side effects include botulism, difficulty breathing and muscle spasms. Our specialist will inform you of all possible side effects during your free consultation.

Contact us to set up your free consultation to learn more about Dysport®. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss if Dysport® or one of our other treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, such as BOTOX®, is right for you!

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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